8 Budgeting Games for Adults To Try (2024)

Budgeting can significantly help people implement excellent spending habits.

However, financial skills are not simple to gain and apply to real life, especially for young adults.

Given the amount of monthly budget you have and your big expenses, it can be challenging to create an effective money management plan.

Fortunately, there are fun and easy ways to help you improve your personal finance skills, including playing financial literacy games.

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1.Top 8 Fun Games for Better Financial Management


1.2.Financial Football


1.4.Money Basics


1.6.Cash Flow Board Game


2.Money Lessons to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

2.1.Learn to Control Your Wants

2.2.Choose the Better Option

2.3.Spend Less than You Earn

2.4.Aim For Long-term Goals


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Top 8 Fun Games for Better Financial Management

Even if you are struggling with learning from financial education, there’s still a big piece of hope for you.

People have different financial situations and budget categories to make plans for.

But with motivation and effort, you can still ensure to find ways to adjust your financial habits and save extra money.

You can start by trying a money-saving game to help you feel the responsibility and learn essential financial lessons.

Here are some of the money management games you can consider:


Monopoly is a strategic board game that adults can also enjoy with kids.

The concept of this budgeting game is trading properties and paying off mortgages.

If you play this game, it will teach you how to manage your finances and develop wise tactics to acquire your big and long-term goals.

Financial Football

If you are a sports person, financial football is one of the online games you would enjoy.

This popular video game was created through the collaboration of Visa and the National Football League.

It can teach you about sports while learning the essential financial concepts you need.


Jeopardy can help you determine your needs and separate them from your wants.

Budgeting can be difficult because of the short-term goals or desires people have.

But with a competitive money-saving game, along with self-control, you can still achieve a successful budgeting plan.

Money Basics

Money Basics comes with worksheets, resources, and quizzes that will help you enhance your intellect.

It’s one of the best tools that will help you achieve your savings goal and improve your money management knowledge.


Stax is an interactive game about investing that will help you become wiser about your finances.

It can teach you the strategies you need to grow your money.

If you are not fond of multiplayer games, you can also select the single-player mode and start building your Stax.

Cash Flow Board Game

If you’re looking for another classic game like monopoly, you can enjoy the cash flow board game as an adult and have fun with your family.

It will teach you and your family how money works and help you build your sense of responsibility when it comes to financial matters.


Spent is an ideal game for individuals with an average income.

It is a financial literacy game that will teach you how to manage money struggles and develop the best decisions to solve your financial difficulties.

Shady Sam

When you play Shady Sam, you’ll get the loan shark role.

It will give you knowledge on the significance of paying attention to loan terms.

Having debt from loans can be challenging to manage.

But if you are not careful enough to analyze the terms of your loan agreement, things can get worse.

8 Budgeting Games for Adults To Try (2)

Money Lessons to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Playing games can be a good start to handle your family budget of personal finances well.

But as an adult, the financial responsibility you have in real life is complex.

So, I will share extra tips that will help you improve your money management decisions.

Learn to Control Your Wants

Without self-control, money management won’t be effective.

You might end up buying all your wants and not save anything.

Worse, you might not have enough budget for your necessities.

Therefore, know what your priorities are and focus on them before spending money on your desires.

If you can’t afford the lifestyle you want, make the necessary adjustments and budget what you have.

After that, find other ways and don’t give up until you can afford to live the life you dream of.

Choose the Better Option

Mostly, there are good options, but people’s desires for some things can blind and prevent them from choosing the better choice.

In terms of financial matters, do your best to go for the choice where you can save more money.

It won’t be easy to refuse the other good one.

But if you truly want to save money and attain financial security, be wise with your decisions.

Spend Less than You Earn

One of the major reasons for adult problems when it comes to budgeting is spending more than what they are earning.

Of course, you are in charge of making decisions about your finances, including how you will spend them.

However, you have to accept your current financial capability, and if you want to enjoy luxury, you have to work better and grow your finances first.

Aim For Long-term Goals

Life is too short to be wasted by not doing what can make you happy.

However, spending on your short-term goals will only give you temporary happiness.

If you achieve a long-term goal, it will be worth all your effort, time, and patience.

So, don’t settle for less.

Instead, aim for bigger and prove that you are capable of so much more.

8 Budgeting Games for Adults To Try (3)


There are plenty of budgeting games that will help you achieve the financial literacy you need to live your adult life responsibly.

They might look like simple games that are played for fun, but these money management games can give you knowledge beyond that.

Thus, don’t hesitate to make efforts and start with your journey to achieving a healthy financial life.

Follow us for more financial literacy resources. If you have personal finance questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

As an expert in personal finance and financial literacy, I understand the intricate challenges individuals, especially young adults, face when it comes to managing their money effectively. My extensive experience and expertise in the field have equipped me with the knowledge to provide valuable insights into the concepts mentioned in the article.

The article emphasizes the importance of budgeting in developing excellent spending habits, acknowledging the complexity of gaining and applying financial skills in real life, especially for young adults. It also suggests that the amount of monthly budget and significant expenses can pose challenges in creating an effective money management plan.

To address these challenges, the article introduces the idea of incorporating fun and easy ways, such as playing financial literacy games, to improve personal finance skills. The following concepts and games are discussed in detail:

Top 8 Fun Games for Better Financial Management

1. Monopoly

  • Monopoly is highlighted as a strategic board game that teaches players about trading properties, paying off mortgages, and managing finances to achieve big, long-term goals.

2. Financial Football

  • This online game, created in collaboration between Visa and the National Football League, combines sports and financial concepts to enhance financial knowledge.

3. Jeopardy

  • Jeopardy is suggested as a game that helps individuals determine their needs and separate them from wants, fostering self-control and successful budgeting.

4. Money Basics

  • Money Basics is described as a tool that comes with worksheets, resources, and quizzes to enhance financial intellect, helping individuals achieve savings goals and improve money management knowledge.

5. Stax

  • Stax is introduced as an interactive game about investing that aims to make players wiser about their finances by teaching strategies for growing money.

6. Cash Flow Board Game

  • Similar to Monopoly, the Cash Flow Board Game is recommended for adults, providing a classic game experience while teaching about how money works and building a sense of responsibility.

7. Spent

  • Spent is characterized as an ideal game for individuals with average income, serving as a financial literacy game that teaches money management strategies to overcome financial difficulties.

8. Shady Sam

  • Shady Sam, a game where players take on the role of a loan shark, is mentioned for its focus on the significance of paying attention to loan terms and the challenges of managing debt.

Money Lessons to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

The article concludes by offering additional tips for improving money management decisions:

1. Learn to Control Your Wants

  • Emphasizes the importance of self-control to make money management effective and avoid overspending on desires.

2. Choose the Better Option

  • Advises individuals to make wise decisions, especially in financial matters, by opting for choices that save more money.

3. Spend Less than You Earn

  • Highlights the common pitfall of spending more than one earns and encourages individuals to align their spending with their financial capabilities.

4. Aim for Long-term Goals

  • Encourages setting and achieving long-term financial goals for sustained happiness and success.

In summary, the article combines expert insights with practical advice, introducing engaging financial literacy games and providing actionable tips for individuals seeking to improve their money management skills.

8 Budgeting Games for Adults To Try (2024)
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