The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (2024)

The Dachshund, also known as “sausage dog” or “wiener dog” is a hound dog breed that is distinct for its short legs and long body. The little pooch was originally bred to chase out animals that live beneath the ground and was even used as hunting dogs to catch prey. Well, it makes sense why this cute little dog loves digging.

You should not underestimate a Dachshund for its size. Dachshunds are very brave that they don’t care if they have to deal with animals that are much bigger than them. While the Dachshund dog breed alone may already be captivating and adorable, many Dachshund mixes are just as cute and appealing.

If you are curious about the different Dachshund mixes, then you’ve come to the right place. So, read on and learn more about Dachshund mix-breeds!

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What are the best Dachshund mixes?

Dachshunds are one of the well-loved dog breeds in the world. One because of its comical appearance, and number two for its gentle characteristic. If so, just imagine if this beautiful pooch is crossbred with other dog breeds. To help you know which Dachshund mix breed is the best for you, I’ve made a list of the 21 most popular and best Dachshund mixed breeds!

Basschshund (Basset hound + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (1)

Having trouble pronouncing its name? Well, everybody is but to simplify how the name is read, just say “base shund.” If you want a dog that has a bright and energetic characteristic, then the Basschshund may be the one you are looking for. This Dachshund mix with the Basset Hound will keep you entertained and will not fail in making you smile.

With its playful trait, this sweet doggo makes a great companion for couples, the elderly, and families with kids, even with young children. Although gentle and smart, the Basschshund may not be suitable for first-time dog owners since training them requires lots of time and patience.

Normally, the Basschshund are medium in size and maybe as 9 to 11 inches tall. Since they are a mixed breed their weight may range from 25 to 45 pounds. They are expected to live for at least 12 to 15 years. Since they are short-haired, the Basschshund is not difficult to maintain. Moreover, this doggo is perfect for apartment living as they bark rarely.

Bo Dach (Boston Terrier + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (2)

The Bo Dach is another Dachshund mix breed whose other parent is a Boston Terrier. This newly bred designer dog is also petite in size with a charming appearance. They are playful and friendly and can get along with people and with other animals if trained properly. They best suit couples, families with kids, and the elderly.

Moreover, the Bo Dach also suits the apartment lifestyle, thanks to its compact body and minimal movements. However, this doggo is very sensitive and may tend to be vocal, which may be an issue in your neighborhood. But with basic training and socialization, this habit may be corrected.

The Bo Dach is not complicated to maintain and to take care of. Its hair does not require daily brushing, only do it once a week or as needed. This doggo usually grows up to 12 inches and their body size ranges from small to medium. The Bo Dach life expectancy is around 10 to 13 years.

Chiweenee (Chihuahua + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (3)

Among the Dachshund mix-breeds on this list, the Chiweenie is one of the cutest! This designer dog is a combination of the Dachshund and the Chihuahua dog breed. Despite their small sizes, they have big dog characteristics. It is feisty and is a watchdog contender, which makes them a great companion even in a tiny home.

The Chiweenie may require basic training and socialization so that it gets along with anybody, including other household pets. On the other hand, this Dachshund mix breed is notable for being loyal and loving to their owners. Also, It is highly energetic and very playful, hence letting it go through a tiring walk or an active playtime will surely use up all its energy and rest.

The Chihuahua and Dachshund mix breed has two different sizes, including a miniature size with 3 to 10 pounds and standard size with 11 to 30 pounds. This doggo is expected to live for as long as 13 to 16 years.

Dach Griffon (Brussels Griffon + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (4)

Gentle and affectionate, the Dach Griffon is a Dachshund crossbreed with the Brussels Griffon. Although small in size, this doggo is efficient both with companionship and herding. The Dach Griffon can potentially inherit the intelligence of its Brussels Griffon parent and the dauntlessness of its Dachshund parent.

Aside from being an excellent companion, the Dach Griffon tends to be protective as well. Their barking will tell you that they have become overprotective of you. Their barking will also tell you if they are sensing an incoming danger. Even though they are clever dogs, it doesn’t mean that training them will be easy. Also, please take note this doggo is quite sensitive.

The average height of the Dach Griffon is measured from 9 to 11 inches and their weight may vary based on their body size. They are expected to live to around 12 to 14 years.

Dameranian (Pomeranian + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (5)

What more can you ask for a smart, affectionate, and loyal dog like the Dameranian? This tiny pooch is the product of a Pomeranian and Dachshund mix breed. Depending on their Dachshund parent, the Dameranian mix-breeds may vary in hair types. This doggo is valued for its sweet and charming personality. It also tends to be devoted to one person only.

Be careful not to leave your Dameranian alone at home for long hours as it may suffer separation anxiety. However, training them is one way so that they can survive isolation. Thanks to its petite size, the Dameranian can easily adapt to apartment living.

Standard Damaranian size is between small to medium and their height ranges from 5 to 11 inches. This pooch is a perfect lap dog as well with an average weight of 8 to 25 pounds. The Damaranian’s life is expected to last from up to 12 to 16 years.

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Docker (co*cker Spaniel + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (6)

Although the Docker, or the co*cker Spaniel and the Dachshund mix breed only came before the 21st century, this cute charmer has become popular in the past few years. You will surely fall for this pooch’s sweet, loving, and loyal characteristic.

In terms of its training, it requires patience but that will pay off afterward. The Docker is very sensitive so do not make it feel neglected or else it may develop issues with their behavior even separation anxiety. This gentle pooch is noted to have dominant traits including being playful and determined. It seldom barks so apartment living may suit them.

The Docker is a small to medium size dog that has a minimum height of 9 inches to 15 inches max. Normally, their weight ranges from 20 to 30 pounds with a 12 to 14 years lifespan.

Dorgie (Corgi + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (7)

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth the II is very fond of Corgis, Dachshunds, and their Dorgi mixed breeds? The adorable Dorgi is the combination of the Corgi and the Dachshund mix. This little doggo is notable for its energetic, fun, and loyal attributes. Both of its parents were formerly used as hunters and herders, which makes them great as watchdogs.

The Dorgi loves to eat so it must follow a strict diet. Moreover, this pooch is highly intelligent, and training them is quite simple. If you want a sweet and friendly dog that is perfect as a companion then you need not look further because that’s what the Dorgi has to offer.

Adult Corgi size usually ranges between 15 to 30 pounds, and since both of its parent dog breeds were short-legged and both carrying the FGF4 retrogene, then the Dorgi stands only a few centimeters from the ground. The Dorgi’s lifespan usually takes 12 to 15 years.

Dorkie (Yorkshire Terrier + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (8)

This tiny Dachshund mix is sure to win you over. The Dorkie came from parents, the Yorkshire Terrier, and the Dachshund dog breeds. While this dog is small in size, it sure has a big heart and a big personality. It is playful and loves attention making it suited for large families, even for couples or the elderly living in a tiny home.

The Dorkie’s size may vary depending on its Dachshund parent. Typically, a standard size Dorkie weighs 12 to 32 pounds. On the other hand, a mini Dorkie approximately weighs 3 to 11 pounds. This doggo lives for at least 12 to 15 years.

If you are looking for a dog that offers both companionship and protection then the Dorkie is one of the best choices. But, if you worry about its maintenance, the Dorkie is only on a moderate scale. However, if you or someone in your family suffers from an allergy, then this Dachshund mix may not be suitable for you.

Doxidor (Labrador + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (9)

The next dog on our list is the Dachshund mix breed with the Labrador called the Doxidor. The Doxidor is noted as mild-tempered and is excellent with people especially with kids. With positive reinforcement, socialization, and basic training, the Doxidor will turn into a one-of-a-kind Dachshund mix breed.

The Doxidor is commonly characterized by elongated bodies like its Dachshund parent and a height that is close to its Labrador parent. But there are instances where the Doxidor may inherit its Daschund parent’s short legs. Regardless, it is still taller than a purebred Dachshund. They may measure from about 15-25 inches tall with an estimated weight of 30-40 pounds.

This Labrador-Dachshund breed usually lives for 14 years. Their hair color varies from red, black, and brown. Take note that this dog is highly energetic so it requires an outlet to release its energy.

Doxie-Chin (Japanese Chin + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (10)

The Doxie-chin is a designer dog that is a combination of the Japanese Chin and the Dachshund. Most Doxie-chin look like a mini Dachshund with tiny legs and a long body but their snouts are much shorter. This petite dog can be 10 to 25 pounds in terms of weight. The Doxie-chin lives up to 14 years.

This Dachshund dog breed tends to be sweet and fun to be with. However, their energy level is between low to moderate. Due to the Doxie-chin’s size, it may not be good for families with young children.

Doxie-Mo (American Eskimo + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (11)

The Doxie-mo is a Dachshund crossbreed with the American Eskimo. In terms of height, the Doxie-mo may be either tall or short. It grows approximately 10-18 inches tall with an estimated weight of about 25 pounds. The Doxie-mo may require a cup of high-quality dog food per day. Their life spans up to 14 years.

This Dachshund mix breed is friendly, highly energetic, and exceptionally intelligent. It is easy to train, gets along with anyone, and is suitable for apartment living. However, the Doxie-mo is not for people with allergies as they shed a lot. This also means that it is a high maintenance Dachshund mix.

Doxie-Pit (Pitbull + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (12)

The Doxie-pit only rose in popularity in the early 2000s but since then, it has become a public interest. This unique Dachshund mix is the product of crossbreeding with an American Pitbull Terrier. While most Doxie-pit inherits the short legs and sausage-like body of a Dachshund, it is more likely to inherit the Pitbull parent’s weight and height.

Although loyal and clever, seasoned dog owners are the best fur-parent for the Doxie-pit since training them requires time and high tolerance. Nevertheless, they are gentle and also loving. The Doxie-pit need not do daily hair brushing since they don’t shed that often.

The Doxie-pit usually weighs 20-30 pounds and they grow around 8-13 inches. Their life expectancy is around 8-12 years. Additionally, a balanced diet for a Doxie-pit should only be three cups daily.

Doxiepoo (Poodle + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (13)

The Doxiepoo is the combination of the two most favorite designer dogs, namely, the Dachshund with its badger-hunter background, and the Poodle with its water retriever hunting roots. A Doxiepoo’s appearance may vary with the characteristics it inherited from its parents.

Nonetheless, they are commonly long-bodied and short-legged with hypoallergenic fur. Just like their parents, they are also gentle, playful, and smart. This Poodle-Dachshund mixed breed is highly energetic but befits the apartment living. Their average weight ranges from 30-60 pounds with a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

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Doxle (Beagle + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (14)

You will surely fall in love with this Beagle-Dachshund mix breed called Doxle. The Doxle exhibits the common characteristics of both its parents. It tends to be affectionate and very active, it also loves hanging with the family.

The Doxle is also characterized as petite and has a compacted body built. Despite its social trait, the Doxle tends to be vocal at times. For it to fare well with people especially with other animals, it must go through basic training and socialization.

This adorable Dachshund mixed breed typically grows in medium size and has an average weight of 16-32 pounds. They are expected to live for as long as 10 to 16 years.

Golden Dox (Golden Retriever + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (15)

The Golden Dox is another gorgeous Dachshund mix breed with America’s well-loved Golden Retriever! This short-legged Retriever is valued for its attentive and playful trait. Prepare yourself for non-stop playtime and bonding with the Golden Dox. Its friendly personality makes it a good companion but the downside is that it may not be a dependable watchdog.

Training the Golden Dox at an early age is the best way to control its behavior because if you do it later, it will be more difficult to train it. This dog is fairly sensitive and does not bark all the time but will only do so if it senses any danger.

The Golden Dox’s average size is between medium to large with a minimum height of 23 inches. Its average weight ranges from 30 to 60 pounds. It can live from up to 8 to 14 years.

Jackshund (Jack Terrier + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (16)

The Jack Russel and the Dachshund breeds were both mainly bred for hunting. Combining the two produces athletic and highly intelligent offspring. The Jackshund is considered a designer dog that has a charming appearance and pleasing personality.

This dog usually grows in a small to medium size with a height measuring up to 8 to 13 years. Its weight measures from 15 to 28 pounds and its life expectancy may last up to 12 to 16 years. With early socialization, the Jackshund will behave just fine with other pets and around people. However, it requires patience and time but it is worth it.

Mauxie (Maltese + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (17)

I must say that of all the Dachshund mix mentioned in this article, the Mauxie is the best mix breed for first-time pet owners. It is characterized by long furs and a sleek body. However, he requires high maintenance, which means that daily hair brushing is a must. Nonetheless, the Mauxie is playful, gentle, adapts easily, and is not difficult to train.

The size of a Mauxie is commonly small with an 8 to 10 inches height and 10 to 20 pounds weight. They seldom bark too that makes them a great companion dog. But take note that this doggo is quite sensitive but is always sweet and playful.

Miniature Schnoxie (Mini Schnauzer + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (18)

The Miniature Schnoxie is the offspring of the crossbred dogs, the Mini Schnauzer, and the Dachshund. This little pooch is a balanced mix of a designer breed to a comical dog breed. Although its size is always small, its body built is strong and solid.

If the Miniature Schnoxie has inherited the Mini Schnauzer’s coat, then it is hypoallergenic. So if you have an allergy the Miniature Schnoxie is one great choice. Its size may be small or medium with an estimated height of 8 to 14 inches and weight at 15 to 30 pounds. With regards to their lifespan, they are expected to live for at least 12 to 15 years.

Pekehund (Pekingese + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (19)

A Pekingese and Dachshund mixed breeds is called a Pekehund. The Pekehund is notable for its unique appearance. This dog breed is characterized by a short snout and feather-like hair on its ears and tail. Its size is usually small and measures at around 8 to 10 inches only. On the other hand, the Pekehund weighs about 12 to 25 pounds.

The Pekehund is a loving and devoted doggo and he lives for at least 12 to 15 years. This doggo is moderately active and seldom barks. So if you are living in an apartment, then a Pekehund might be for you.

Schweenie (Shih Tzu + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (20)

A mixed-breed of the Shih Tzu and the Dachshund, the adorable Schweenie is sure to win you over. This little pooch might be small in size but its heart is metaphorically massive. It is generously loving and exceptionally intelligent. It loves hanging around with you and will give an effort to please you.

If a young child thoughtlessly touched the Schweenie, this doggo may just become snappy. If you will live it alone at home, it will surely develop anxiety. Also, you don’t need to worry about the Schweenie’s grooming and maintenance as it will require brushing only once or twice every week.

The Schweenie is usually of small body size with an average height of 11 to 20 inches and an estimated weight between 9 to 20 pounds. Expect this doggo to live for about 12 to 15 years.

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Toy Rat Doxie (Rat Terrier + Dachshund)

The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (21)

This last doggo on our list is not the least among others. The Toy Rat Doxie is the offspring of two lively dog breeds, namely the Toy Rat Doxie and the Dachshund. Although small in size, expect this pooch to be spunky and feisty. Nonetheless, its petite build makes them ideal for any home type.

The Toy Rat Doxie’s behavior varies depending on their mood. There are times that it is clingy but there are times that it wants independence. Today it is easy to train but tomorrow listening will be difficult. That being said, prepare yourself if the Toy Rat Doxie is the doggo you would like to get.

This doggo varies from a small to medium size. Its usual weight starts from 10 to 28 pounds and its height is around 10 to 18 inches. As for their life expectancy, the Toy Rat Terrier lives up to 12 to 15 years.

Dachshund mixes FAQs

Are dachshunds healthy dogs?

With their compact body, the Dachshund is prone to health problems such as Intervertebral Disk Disease. To avoid this from happening to your Dachshund, follow a strict diet and an exercise routine that is safe for its spine.

Do dachshunds need the company of another dog?

Since this dog is very social, the answer here is yes. However, Dachshunds may tend to be picky when choosing a companion. If possible, pair the Dachshund with another doggo of the same breed.


So this part concludes this article about the 21 most popular and best Dachshund mixes. Although I’m content with the mixes I have included in this list, I’m pretty sure that there are still many Dachshund mixes out there. If you know the one that is not on our list, kindly comment below!


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The 21 Most Popular and Best Dachshund Mixes (2024)
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