Top 10 Clinics for Dental Implants in Costa Rica (2023)

Last fact-checked: 29 September 2022

Dental implants in Costa Rica cost between 60% and 75% less than in North America and Europe, with tens of thousands of patients visiting this captivating Central American country every year for this sole reason.

With significantly more affordable care available, patients booking through Dental Departures are able to save over a thousand dollars on a single tooth replacement, and well into four-figure sums on full mouth restorations with an implant-retained fixed prosthesis.

Read on to discover prices, recommended clinics, treatment options, travel tips and booking information in this guide to getting dental implants in Costa Rica.

How Much Are Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

While dental implants are one of the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing ways of replacing missing teeth, they are also one of the most expensive dental procedures–especially in the United States and Canada.

See below for current price estimates on a variety of implant treatments compared to the USA:

Type of Implant Procedure

Average Cost: US

Average Cost: CR

Single Dental Implant (without crown)

$1,300 - $2,000


Single Dental Implant with Crown + Abutment

$3,000 - $4,000


All-on-4 Implants (per jaw)

$25,000 - $30,000

$9,000 - 11,000

Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 2 or 4 implants)

$8,000 - 15,000

$3,500 - 4,500

Zygomatic Implants (full-arch fixed bridge on 4 implants)

$30,000 - $35,000

$11,000 - 15,000

Please note: The above prices are calculated using average estimates provided to Dental Departures at the time of writing.

For many, these kinds of savings in Costa Rica can more than compensate for the inconvenience, and fully cover the cost of a vacation, too!

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Why Choose Costa Rica for Dental Implants?

Every year, Costa Rica typically welcomes up to 20,000 tourists traveling for medical purposes, with dentistry proving to be the most popular treatment (alongside orthopedics and plastic surgery).

Below, we look at the key reasons behind the country’s long-standing popularity as a dental tourism destination:

Huge Savings, Even for Luxury Travelers:Patients are all but guaranteed to save more than $10,000 on a full or partial mouth restoration–even when going all out on their Costa Rican vacation expenses.

We’ve even done the math to show that these huge savings can still be made when traveling in style–flying business class (two separate round trips) and staying in one of San Jose’s finest five-star hotels for two weeks…

Estimated luxury travel price breakdown:

  • 2 return business class flights from New York to San Jose = $3,000 - $4,000

  • 2 weeks at a top 5* hotel in San Jose, such as the Hilton La Sabana = $2,500

  • Additional travel expenses/activities budget = $1,000 - $2,000

  • Total spent = $6,500 - $8,500

Average price difference for a full mouth restoration in Costa Rica vs. USA (dual arch All-on-4 treatment) = $20,000

Net savings = Between $13,500 and $11,500

Imagine how much more you save when not flying business and staying in a more affordable hotel! Dental Departures also offer ongoing full mouth reconstruction packages inclusive of accommodation and airport transfers, helping you to save even more on your implants in Costa Rica.

Convenience: Dental implant procedures usually require that patients make a return trip to their dentist, so a reasonably accessible location is important. Costa Rica is between 3-6 hours from most US cities (making it a “medium-haul” destination), with the capital receiving direct flights from more than a dozen American airports.

You can find direct flights from out of New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, and Dallas, as well as Toronto, Paris, and Madrid.

World-Class Care: The savings on expensive procedures such as dental implants is initially one of the reasons patients think about coming to Costa Rica for their dental care. However, equally important is the quality of care, as you might understandably be concerned about treatment standards abroad. Providing you choose a dentist from a reputable clinic, there is no reason why your dental care in Costa Rica will be of lower quality than what you would receive at home.

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Booking an appointment through Dental Departures gives you access to quality-checked dentists whose experience and qualifications have been verified so you can be confident in your choice of dentist.

Patients needn’t be concerned that their treatment is in any way inferior in Costa Rica, or that their dentist is somehow less qualified. Many of the dentists here are members of the same international professional organizations as their counterparts in North America–such as the esteemed International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)–and are governed by similar regulations and clinical practices.

Other Reasons to Go to Costa Rica for Teeth Implants

Top 10 Clinics for Dental Implants in Costa Rica (2)

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

All top clinics in Costa Rica have warranties or guarantees on the work their dentists perform and on any lab work carried out (for example, on a crown or fixed bridge).

While the success of medical or dental procedures cannot be guaranteed 100%, ensuring your treatment is carried out at a reputable clinic increases the chances of success. However, in the rare event that our patients do experience any problems, Dental Departures is on hand to get the problem sorted out.

If a problem arises, our patients have the backup of not just the clinic warranties, but also the assistance of Dental Departures.

Why Are Dental Implants Cheaper in Costa Rica Compared to the United States?

As with any country offering more affordable care, prices are kept low due to lower business overheads, as well as healthy local competition between clinics catering to Costa Rica’s ever-increasing number of international patients.

Factors such as lower staff salaries, more affordable dental education, less expensive utility costs, cheaper rental prices for office space, more flexible insurance obligations and the country’s overall more affordable cost of living all help drive costs down.

Prices of Different Types of Dental Implants in Costa Rica

The cost of dental implant treatment in Costa Rica can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The number of teeth you are having replaced

  • Whether surgery is being carried out on a single arch or both arches (ie. partial vs full mouth restoration)

  • The type of material used to manufacture the replacement tooth/teeth; for example, crowns can be made from porcelain, ceramic, ceramic fused to metal, zirconia or composite material

  • The particular manufacturer of dental implants, such as Zimmer® or Nobel Biocare®

  • Any other treatments or therapies required before the placement of implants, eg. sinus lift or bone graft

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Types of Dental Implant Treatment + Average Cost

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See below for the estimated costs of popular implant procedures, with these average figures provided by our partner clinics in Costa Rica:

Type of Treatment

Average Price in Costa Rica (in USD)

Standard dental implant (only)


Implant with crown and abutment


All-on-4 (full-arch fixed bridge on 4 implants)

$9,000 - 11,000

All-on-6 (full-arch fixed bridge on 6 implants)

$11,000 - 14,000

Zygomatic implants (full-arch restoration)

$11,000 - 15,000

Implant-supported overdenture with 2 or 4 implants (removable)

$3,500 - 4,500

Note: Full mouth restorations involve dual arch surgery, and thus are approximately double the cost of a single-arch All-on-4. Feel free to contact Dental Departures for a personalized price quote or advice about which clinic in Costa Rica might be best for you.

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Top 10 Clinics for Dental Implants in Costa Rica (3)

Above:Image by macrovectoron Freepik

Top Locations in Costa Rica for Dental Implants

This fascinating country is small enough for you to easily explore many of its varied sites, be it a bustling city, laid-back resort town or jungle terrain where adrenaline junkies can look forward to activities like zip-lining, white water rafting, canyoning and wildlife tours.

Culture vultures will love the museums and galleries of San Jose, as well the artistic, more local vibe in towns such as Monteverde, Santa Elena or Sarchi. And, of course, there are miles of sandy beaches (on both coasts!) for when you want to just soak up the sun–with top resort towns including Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio Village and Playa del Coco.

San Jose

As for treatment, prospective patients will find most of the best implant dentists in Costa Rica to be located in the capital of San Jose. The vibrant capital is easy to reach from across the US and Canada, is exceptionally affordable (with some 5* hotels costing less than $100 per night) and is packed with things to see and do, such as The National Theatre, National Museum, Museo de Jade and La Sabana Park.

Alternatively, you can opt for treatment just outside San Jose in one of its nearby suburbs or provincial towns like Escazu, Santa Ana or Curridabat.

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We have also partnered with a number of dentists in Liberia, a quaint city (that really feels more like a town) located in the northwest corner of the country. With its own international airport, Liberia is seen as more of a gateway to other parts, such as Santa Rosa National Park–famous for having some of the best surf in the world–and Rincon de la Vieja, another national park that’s home to an active volcano, bubbling mud pots and natural hot springs.

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A final option is the city of Alajuela, a small city that many travelers use as a base to visit other attractions, such as the artisanal town of Sarchi, or as a stop-off before heading to the coast. Thanks to its close proximity to the airport and central position, this is a convenient spot for those looking for a more laid-back getaway compared to San Jose.

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Finding the Best Dentist in Costa Rica for You

The internet makes it seem easy to find out all sorts of information about endless types of services abroad–and dentistry is no exception. The challenge, however, is knowing what information you can depend on, and what you can’t.

This is where Dental Departures comes in. We have made it our business to find and vet trustworthy, high-quality dentists overseas. Our background checks include legal and criminal records, verifying qualifications and professional memberships, confirming prices and publishing real patient reviews, high-definition clinic photos and virtual tours on our site so you can make up your own mind.

Our top-rated Costa Rica clinics offer some of the world's best dental care, particularly for complex treatments like full mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry.

Affordable, world-class dental care is within your grasp–you just need to do your research and know where to look.

Why Book with Dental Departures?

  • Free access to our database of more than 100 clinics in Costa Rica and thousands more across the globe

  • Transparent price estimates published on our clinic listing pages

  • All clinics have been subject to our strict vetting process–if we see something that’s not right, you won’t find them listed on our site

  • We make sure the dentists working at our partner clinics hold the necessary qualifications to carry out complex work, like smile makeovers and full-mouth dental implants in Costa Rica

    (Video) 10 Best Dental Clinics in Costa Rica (English speaking)

  • We offer a Best Price Guarantee, so if you find a better price online for the same treatment with the same dentist, we’ll match it

  • No upfront fees when you book

  • Free cancellation policy, applicable up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment

  • We’ll be with you every step of the way thanks to our 24/7 customer support

Recommended Costa Rica Clinics for Dental Implants

Our verified reviewers give high marks to the following clinics:

  • Costa Rica All on 6 (San Jose)

  • DDS Dental Costa Rica - Dr. Prada (Escuza, San Jose)

  • Kaver Dental Cosmetics and Implants (San Jose)

  • Dittel (Tamarinda)

Alternatively, visit our full list of implant dentists in Costa Rica here.

Top 10 Clinics for Dental Implants in Costa Rica (4)

In Brief: About Dental Implant Treatment

The type of implant treatment and necessary procedures will have a bearing on the duration of your stay, as well as your body’s own proclivity to heal.

Most patients who receive conventional titanium dental implants will be required to make two separate trips over a three-to-six month period.

Stage 1: The first trip will entail an initial consultation, with x-rays and detailed evaluations made before surgery goes ahead. A standard implant procedure involves the placement of one or more titanium crowns, which are surgically inserted through small holes made in the jawbone using a hand drill. While that might not sound particularly pleasant, the whole process is painless as local anesthesia is used to numb the entire affected area; sedation via an oral medication or an IV drip is also an option at some clinics, which helps patients feel much more at ease while in the chair.

All-on-4 dental treatment takes longer, but follows the same general principles as a standard implant procedure–only there are four to be placed per jaw and any remaining teeth will be extracted during the same session of surgery.

Stage 2: After your gums/bone have been allowed to heal–a process called osseointegration that normally takes around three to six months–you will return to the same clinic in Costa Rica to have the temporary prosthetic replaced with the final one.

This is done by re-opening up a flap of tissue to reveal the implant(s), onto which an abutment and crown/bridge are attached, depending on the type of treatment. These devices are typically screwed on, with any minor adjustments being made, if necessary, in the following days before you return home.

Each trip requires 7-10 days, although waiting times can be shortened if your clinic uses the latest CAD/CAM equipment to manufacture crowns/bridges. For single crown treatment, the required stay may only be a couple or three days.

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Top 10 Clinics for Dental Implants in Costa Rica (5)

Above: Dental implant. (2022, September 10) inWikipedia

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Everyone?

Suitable candidates for treatment should:

  • Be in good overall health

  • Have generally healthy gums

    (Video) Floridians flying abroad to cut cost on dental work

  • Have sufficient jawbone density

  • Stop smoking in the weeks or months before implant surgery

  • Not suffer from severe bruxism

Not sure if you are a suitable candidate? Then don’t worry: we can arrange for you to have an online consultation before you head to Costa Rica. Expert implantologists should be able to provide an initial opinion as to whether you are suitable for the specific treatments, and whether any additional procedures may be required.

Implant Manufacturer Brands

Our partner clinics in Costa Rica use the same world-class dental implant manufacturers as dentists in the USA, the UK, EU and Australia, including:

  • Nobel Biocare (such as the All-on-4® treatment concept)

  • Zimmer Biomet, such as the DIEM® 2 full-arch system

  • Osstem Implants

  • Straumann (such as the Pro Arch®)

  • BioHorizons

  • Dentsply Sirona

Schedule Your Appointment with Dental Departures

Find dentists for your dental implants in Costa Rica with us— compare prices, check out our verified patient reviews, view clinic photos and take virtual tours.

You can book right here online at any time of the day or night, or call our toll-free number to speak with a member of our dedicated Customer Care Team. Don’t forget to ask us about our Best Price Guarantee, as well as any ongoing implant promotions currently available in Costa Rica or at any of our other global partner clinics.


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